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The CMR Gauteng-Oos is a child and family welfare organisation which has been making a difference in people’s lives for more than 35 years.

Social Service

This Non-Profit Organisation renders a comprehensive social service to all communities in order to empower them socially, emotionally and economically.

All walks of life

We render these services to all communities on all levels, irrespective of race, age, gender or association.

Die Christelik-Maatskaplike Raad van Gauteng-Oos bereik omtrent 23 675 mense jaarliks.

Our Services include

  • Investigating the social circumstances of the child and family
  • We write professional social work reports for the children’s court
  • We help by preventing that children are removed from their caregivers care, only as a last resort it is done
  • We help by assessing the child and family, doing therapy and healing families
  • We want children and families to be drawn into a place of hope where they can thrive.

Our social workers specialise in rendering a professional social work service to children and families at risk, to protect children and preserve family life and deliver a service to foster care and prospective adoptive parents.

We believe in preventative services before the child is exposed to the Children’s Act and move into the system. The CMR Gauteng-Oos is a Non-Profit Organisation with a Level 4 BEE status.

Organisations that help us

Eastern Synod

The Eastern Synod has been funding the CMR Gauteng-Oos as a NPO since 2000. Their office is in Pretoria and the chairperson is Dr Ferdie Claassen. They are a church body and support the service of mercy towards those in need.

DRC Congregations

The Dutch Reformed Church is an active partner of the CMR/CSC as they underline the same Christian values as the CMR. We strive to have a close relationship and most of our CMR offices are situated at a church. From there the social workers also move out to our communities where the service is rendered on a grass-root level.

Dept. of Social Development

The Department is a state body and we have an active partnership with the Dept for many years. The state/government has to fund statutory services to children in need of care. The work is contracted out to Non Governmental Organisations (NGO) such as the CMR for many years. The funding covers part of all the expenses the CMR have.

National Lotto

The LOTTO (National Distribution Lotteries Fund) has a Charity Sector which fund welfare organisations. The support given is for equipment such as computers, vechiles etc which help a lot. They also help to cover shortfalls especially with salaries which are the CMR's biggest expense.

Contact Information


PO Box 73314,
Lynnwoodrif, 0040

430 Quebec Street,
Faerie Glen, Pretoria

Banking Details

Cheque acc: CMR Gauteng-Oos
Bank: ABSA Lynnwoodrif
Branch code: 333-845
Acc nr: 405 963 5688
Ref: Children and Family Care

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