CMR Gauteng-Oos

Child protection

All children should grow up in a loving and safe environment, but the sad reality is that it does not always happen. Babies and children are exposed to the harsh reality of being neglected- not receiving love, food, safe care they need to thrive to become a balanced adult whom can deal with daily challenges. Violence, poverty and family disintegration are impacting negatively on the lives of thousands of babies and children.

We are dependent on community members to report when a child and family need help. We then investigate whether the child’s life is in danger and a removal (the last resort) is necessary. We focus to prevent further abuse or neglect of a baby or child who can not protect themselves or rely on the current adult care.

Being part of a society with major social challenges especially poverty, is contributing to more babies being abandoned in unsafe places such as toilets, streets and many mothers disappear from hospitals after giving birth to the baby.The baby then is without a legal guardian and needs safe care.

Our team of social work staff is trained to help/protect children in our country. Firstly children are taken to a safe place and then alternative care such as foster care, adoption or a children’s home is then put in place. We also have several holiday projects to empower children and youth, also to keep them safe during holidays when children are more exposed.

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Neglect is a form of abuse together with other forms of babies and children being exposed to physical, sexual and emotional abuse.