Community Projects

It is a project or projects where joint planned action of members of a community and a Social Worker comes together.

The aim is to promote social functioning of the community as a whole by:

  • Increasing knowledge and the ability to cope and by doing so empowering the community to deal with social problems and needs.
  • Ensuring that effective resources exist which are adjusted to the needs of the community.
  • Democratic participation by the community is made possible.


A community work project is based on data on a community, such as its origin and development, demographic data and tendencies, nature of social institutions, availability and accessibility of resources, incidence and range of social problems as well as the potential of people.

This data is used for developing and implementing social welfare programmes, community projects and programmes for community development.


Community projects focus on the interest of particular persons and groups in the community – enhancing the quality of service delivery.

Skills and roles

Specific skills are applied and definite roles are fulfilled in the operation of community projects.

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The CMR has a Therapy Unit since 2009 with 1 social worker specialising in the assessment of children and families.