CMR Gauteng-Oos

Family Preservation

Family preservation is described as strengthening families to keep them together as far as possible.

The following are core family preservation beliefs:

  • Families are resilient: it means that no matter how troubled they are, they are capable of addressing their needs.
  • Keeping families together. Children or vulnerable family members need families and develop best with the loving support of families.
  • Respecting families: We believe in the worth and dignity of each family members. Families have the right to speak for themselves.

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61 children have been reunited with their parents

How does the CMR help?

  • When we receive an intake, we invite the family to come for an interview with all members as far as possible.
  • We give them an opportunity to talk about the distress they are experiencing.
  • The family and children are offered help such as family counselling/ assessment and therapy to children and family members.
  • We may refer them to other professionals should our own therapy unit not be available.
  • An action plan is formulated with the family to get positive outcomes.
  • Should the child have to be removed, all children’s court procedures are explained.
  • We get help from place of safety parents or foster parents whom can care for the child on a temporary basis.
  • Regular panels are held to discuss progress.
  • Material need assistance is given should it be necessary.
  • Other important role players are also contacted.