CMR Gauteng-Oos

Poverty Relief

Food Parcels, blankets and clothes are always needed to alleviate the needs of the poor. The CMR assists people to free themselves from the grip of poverty and become part of the main stream economy. We encourage people to join our needlework, gardening and other projects in order to enable them to become self sufficient. The congregations and the CMR work together to evaluate the material needs and assist when possible.

How does the CMR help?

  • Family is seen by the social worker to ascertain needs and nature of the needs.
  • What has been done by the family themselves.
  • The family is referred to other resources such as food schemes, clothing shops etc.
  • Should it be necessary the family may be evaluated intensively by the social worker and then referred with a recommendation to the church’s alimentation committee.

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16 000 people have been reached with food